Anxiety Resource for education staff

This is a universal anxiety resource that aims to support education staff in explaining anxiety to children and young people in schools. There is advice and support for parents, carers and other professionals on our Anxiety page.


About the resource: understanding, explaining and managing anxiety


The resource offers teaching tools with strategies that help to manage anxiety. There's one resource for primary schools and one for secondary schools. Each resource has five parts, which cover different aspects of understanding, explaining and managing anxiety. Within each part there are two sections: the first is for staff and covers the background of the theory, and the second is for sharing with the children and young people.


There are also some practical learning activities within each resource, aimed at helping manage symptoms of anxiety - these can be practised with the child or young person individually or as a class.


Primary Resource


Secondary Resource



This resource has been developed by Fife CAMHS Primary Mental Health Workers.