Anxiety Resource for education staff

Please note: parents, carers and other professionals can get advice and support on our Anxiety page. There's also a virtual workshop on Understanding Anxiety (Workshop 1).


About the anxiety resource


The anxiety resource is for education staff, and offers teaching tools and strategies for understanding and managing anxiety. The resource has been split into primary and secondary age versions. Each version has five PowerPoints for presenting to children and young people, which cover the key aspects of understanding, explaining and managing anxiety. There are also interactive and practical learning activities within each version.


The resource format has been designed for you to use flexibly - as a whole school or classroom, in small targeted groups or with individuals on a 1:1 basis. 


This professionals' guide outlines the foundation knowledge that you need to deliver the material:
Professionals - Understanding anxiety and the development of positive coping strategies


Primary Resource


Secondary Resource




This resource has been developed by Fife CAMHS Primary Mental Health Workers. If you'd like to discuss additional training or input relating to this resource, you can contact the team on 01334 696019 or at