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Growing Confidence Trees

  Our confidence grows over time, like a strong tree. Here's an activity to explore some of the things we can do that will help our confidence to grow even stronger.

What you need:

  • Sheets of thin white card or strong white paper – A3 paper size or bigger
  • Large sheets of brown paper or card
  • Different shades of green paper
  • Different shades of red paper
  • Apple and leaf templates – draw simple shapes on card and cut them out to use as templates
  • Pencils
  • Felt-tipped pens
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors.

What you do:

  • Draw a large tree-shape on the brown paper. Include the wiggly roots, strong trunk and spreading branches. Find a picture of a tree if you need some help with the shape.
  • Cut out the tree and stick it onto the white paper or card.
  • Label the large sheet of white paper or card as your confidence tree, eg. ‘Anna’s Confidence Tree’ but write your name instead of Anna’s.
  • Along the wiggly roots write the ways in which you’re already growing in confidence, such as ‘I can already smile at people I don’t know.’ ‘I asked John to play football with me last week.’ ‘I helped Kiri when she dropped her books.’
  • Along the trunk write ‘My confidence is growing in...’ and then write an area where you’d like your confidence to grow, such as making friends, speaking in public, running, playing the recorder, reading, etc.
  • Then cut out lots of green leaf shapes. On some of the leaves write one thing you could do to help your confidence grow in your chosen area. These could be ideas like practising your recorder for a few minutes every day, saying something kind to someone else, asking someone to help you when you don’t understand a word in your book, etc.
  • Stick these leaves onto the left hand branches.
  • On some of the leaves write things that other people could do to help you feel more confident, such as appreciating your efforts when you try and do the things you find hard, encouraging you when you feel like giving up, being understanding and helpful when you get stuck, or when you make mistakes, etc.
  • Stick these leaves on the right hand branches.
  • Stick some empty leaves on the tree too, so that you can add other ideas as you think of them, or as other people suggest them.
  • Whenever you notice your confidence has grown, write what went well on a red apple shape and stick it onto your tree.
  • Keep your tree safe and use it to encourage you as you grow in confidence.

Some things to talk about:

  • What areas are you most confident in?
  • How did you get to be so confident in this area?
  • How can the ways your confidence grew in another area help you to grow more confident in the area you wrote on your tree?
  • How can you help other people to become more confident?
  • What difference will it make to your life when your confidence has grown in the way you want it to grow?
  • What (if anything) can you learn about growing in confidence from thinking about a tree?

Other ideas:

  • If a tree doesn’t suit your context, adapt the design to become a sky scraper or other tall building, and write on its bricks instead of the leaves, etc.



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