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Build your own obstacle course!


Obstacle courses can be a fun way to have healthy exercise together. You can make them wherever you are, and use whatever you can find. Just check that everything is safe before you start racing around the obstacles!

What you need:

  • All kinds of things that can be turned into an obstacle course – buckets, planks, hoops, balls, groundsheets, blankets, play tunnels, slides, ladders, bean bags, etc.
  • A large, safe outdoor space such as a garden, field, park or beach
  • An adult (you need a safety-checker and the grown-up needs to get some exercise, too!)

What you do:

  • Work together as a group or family to design an obstacle course using lots of the things that you can find around you.
  • You can make your course long, or you can make it circular, so that you can keep running around without having to go back to the beginning again.
  • Lay out all the things to make an interesting obstacle course. Try to include balancing on a narrow length of wood or stepping stones; crawling under or through something like a play tunnel or under a blanket; throwing something accurately (such as a ball into a bucket); stretching up high to reach something; or running around obstacles on the ground, such as rocks, toys or plant pots. Also include a few fun things like using a slide, a trampoline or a space-hopper, etc.
  • Then race around the course and see who can do it the fastest, or decide that everyone will do it three times and then you’ll all have a rest, so it’s not a race, but everyone can still have fun together.

Some things to talk about together:

  • Which physical activity is the most fun for you?
  • What physical activity would you like to do better?
  • What physical activity would everyone in your family or group enjoy doing together?

Other ideas:

  • Make an obstacle course in a park using the playthings that are already there.
  • Make an obstacle course on a beach and draw interesting pathways in the sand to run around. Collect buckets of water from the sea and pour them into a hollow in the sand. Draw ‘stepping stones’ in the sand and try to jump from one to another. Put seaweed in an area and pretend it’s a stream you have to jump across, but be careful not to slip!



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