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Comfort Menus

  Create a special menu together of all the ways you can comfort someone who’s sad or upset.

You will need:

  • Sheets of thin card
  • Pens
  • Felt-tipped pens.

What you do:

  • Work together to make a list of at least twelve different things you could do to comfort someone who was sad.
  • Perhaps they would like a hug, someone to play with them, someone to listen to them, or someone to tell them a funny story. Or maybe they would like a back rub, someone to help them with a difficult job, a mug of hot chocolate, or someone to spend time with them just having fun…
  • The list that you write down together is like a ‘Comfort Menu’.
  • Add ‘Something else’ to the menu in case anyone needs another option.
  • Whenever anyone in your family or group feels sad or upset they can choose what they’d like most from the ‘Comfort Menu’ that you made together.
  • The items on the list can be numbered like a take-away menu, or maybe each person can mark which ones they like the best.
  • The menu can be laminated to protect it.

Some things to talk about together:

  • Think about a time when someone comforted you in a way that really helped you to feel better. What was the best thing about the way they comforted you?
  • When do you think each person in your family or group most needs to be comforted?
  • How can you make sure that you’re comforting each other in the best possible way?

Other ideas:

  • Design an attractive ‘Comfort Menu’ on a computer. Create a space on the menu where people can show what their favourite comforts are.
  • Make a comfort ‘quilt’ by inviting people to write their favourite ways of being comforted on different squares of lightly-patterned paper. Arrange the squares into a patchwork-style collage and stick them onto a larger sheet of paper or thin card to make a piece of comforting wall art.



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